Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Twitchers unite! Charter a LARC! to reach unexplored stretches of Natural Park and Nature Reserves completely remote to “normal” vehicles. The isolation gives our bird watching guests the unique opportunity to view endangered and rare birds of the Southern Great Barrier Reef Region. With very experienced bird watching specific tour guides on hand, we highly rate our bird watching experience!

Charter your own LARC! for Bird Watching:

  • Charter up to 64 guests on our 2 pink LARC’s.
  • Traverse creeks and sand bars within National Parks.
  • Explore remote and untouched parts of the Southern Great Barrier Reef Region with endangered and rare coastal birds

What’s included:

  • Privately chartered LARC with Skipper
  • Experienced local bird watching tour guide
  • Customised tours for each groups requirements


Contact the LARCtastic Office to tailor your Bird Watching experience!

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