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Green Travel Leader

Since June 2002, 1770 LARC! Tours have been Eco Certified with Eco Tourism Australia. The company paved the way for Eco Tourism in Central Queensland and continues to excel in this area. In 2012 we became an Eco Tourism Australia – Green Travel Leader. And 27th June 2022 marks 20 years and our induction into their hall of fame.

Our Vessels

It’s a common misconception that our LARC vessels are “gas gobblers” however their fuel efficiency is one of many reasons why we have a minute footprint. Our 1 hour tour uses less than 8 litres of diesel. This is about the same as you driving your car for an hour. The big difference being, we can carry 28 persons on a LARC which averages about 285mls per person. Additionally we use eco products where possible in the maintenance of our vessels, for example biodegradable engine coolant and cell ground cover preventing accident spill leakage into waterways.

Our Environment

In addition to the legislative requirements, we have set the bar higher with creating more of our own best practices for minimising impact on the environment. Things like only operating below the high tide line, altering course when required due to natural factors like – new mangroves rooting, crab balls, birds feeding or flocking, and daily mechanical servicing to ensure the best possible efficiency in the running of the machines.


In 2015, 1770 LARC! Tours was blessed with local insights from a Gooreng Gooreng elder of Goora Gan. Together we crafted an interpretation of our local indigenous culture. We respect the connection the Gooreng Gooreng have with the land, we respect the information that has been chosen to be shared with us and we respect the sacred information the Gooreng Gooreng wish to remain their own.

Our Team

Our LARC family is filled with nature loving and caring individuals. We have three wildlife carers, two turtle researchers, a Sea Shepherd Skipper, members of community groups e.g. Discovery Coast Environmental Group, Local Marine Advisory, Volunteer Marine Rescue and Discovery Coast Tourism & Commerce Inc.


Sometimes it is out of our control so it’s important to our team that we report to the appropriate authorities any impacts that we have noticed while on tour. For example, illegal crabbing, prohibited vehicle use, turtle sightings and invasive species. Our reporting of mass growths of prickly pear to Queensland Parks and Wildlife throughout 2020-2022 instigated a full scale investigation and eradication by our local Rangers in June 2022.

Beach Cleans

Beach cleaning is already an everyday norm for 1770 LARC! Tours. It is something that we do without a second thought. Until a chance meeting with our Tangaroa Blue representative Ian we realised that there is a lot more that we can be doing. In October 2021 we conducted our first joint clean up with Tangaroa Blue. With the response and success of this first initial clean up we are now teamed up every 6 months for a thorough coastal clean. Read more here


We are privileged to have the perfect platform to share ideas of eco sustainability, environmental protection and conservation of not only our natural areas but the history and cultural it also holds. Our tour commentaries align with our passion for everything within our environment, and sharing these ethos with our valued guests is a valued opportunity.

Our Future

Future plans for 1770 LARC! Tours is to achieve Advanced Eco Certification. Projects that are already underway will pave the way for achievement of this certification. Stay tuned for this next step for our company.

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