Blue for World Maritime Day

Blue for World Maritime Day

Blue Lighthouse

On the 30th September we conducted a special project with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to honour seafarers worldwide by lighting up the Bustard Head Lighthouse blue for World Maritime Day.


An Annual Event

World Maritime Day is observed every year on the last Thursday of every September. The purpose of the day is to appreciate the importance of maritime industry and to underline the importance of maritime security, maritime environment, safety, and shipping.


Bustard Head at dusk


A Special Invite

Our “Lighthouse of Tragedy” was one of two heritage listed lighthouses in Australian invited to partake in the lighting for the 2021 event. The other being Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse near Margaret River in Western Australia.



Joining the event and uniting us together to highlight the importance of the maritime industry were other landmarks from around the globe including Australia House – London, the Panama Canal Administration Building, Gdynia Harbour Master’s Office – Poland, National Maritime Museum – Chile, National Port Commission – Guatemala and so many more.

Australian House in London – Image via Facebook at AMSA


You Are Too

All of us are connected to the marine industry in one way or another. Whether it be recreational, tourism, conservation, or maybe indirectly by the 80% of the world’s food, fuel, raw material and manufactured goods that are transported by sea.


In Thanks

In whatever way we can all appreciate the importance of the maritime industry as we express our gratitude to the seafarers who work the front line, in challenging conditions, isolated and away from families. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) who maintain the order, AMSA the Australian safety regulator, and our very own early lighthouse keepers who have kept sailors safe along our Queensland coastal trade routes for over 150 years.

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