Discover more of the Discovery Coast

Discover more of the Discovery Coast

Four friends watching the sunset over the water at a tall bench at the 1770 Marina.

Discover more of the Discovery Coast

You haven’t truly explored our twin towns until you’ve found these 5 hidden locations:

1 Brass markers

– Seemingly insignificant brass marker discs cemented to rocks located in the inlet. These are the base point for all Hydrographical surveys in this area. Which are conducted to create all GPS maps and systems. Our brass Markers are placed in the most picturesque setting and have been here since the 60’s. They will remain here as the bench mark for all future surveys.


2 Countess Russell Anchor

– Pulled from the depths at Wreck Rock, off Deepwater National Park, the original anchor from the ship Countess Russell who ran aground on rocks in 1873 (1 year after the disappearance of the cargo ship Agnes and its crew). This anchor has been restored and perched a top of a hill over looking the Coral Sea. Along with historical significance, the sheer size of this anchor and trying to understand how man power alone was used to drop and lift these from the ocean is mind blowing.


3 The bench chair

– Halfway along a coastal trail is a contemplating bench chair. The view from its perch is unhindered by the evidence of civilisation and a perfect location for some self-reflection and locality appreciation.

4 The point look out

– An easily missed walking track. This trail explores native bush land before opening up to a coastal lookout. The entry to this walk can easily be missed as it is not located on or near a road side.

5 Virtual Reality

– Take yourself on a guided tour of the 6 augmented reality signs located at significant sites throughout our twin towns. Each sign shares information with you through your own device. Scan each sign’s marker with your phone to reveal a door way of hidden information…

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