It’s hot out there

It’s hot out there

Life’s necessities; food, water, shelter

Our current climate conditions are daunting and can leave us feeling quite helpless. But while we still have access to food, water and shelter, sadly some of our scaled, furry and feathered friends are left without. This has inspired us to collect some information, pile it together and share some super easy non-invasive ideas how anyone and everyone can lend a helping hand.


We must stress that providing food for wildlife that does not mirror their natural diet or hunting and gathering habits, can be more harmful than good. Instead look at how you can create a wildlife supermarket in your garden. Many of our native animals eat nectar, leaves and seeds from plants. Have a chat with your local nursery to see what plant species best suit your climate and provides the most consumable nutrients. Also mulching your garden will encourage insects population, adding another food source to your native grocery store.

Helping Local Wildlife - By planting natives

Snacking Sunbird – Captured by Alan Teakle


Here’s one that anyone can do with or without a garden, create a bird bath. Providing a bird bath that is safe from predators (including fluffy and whiskers) is a life saver for birds but can also provide a habitat for frogs and smaller animals. When setting up your own ensure there an easy exit that a small animal can climb out should it fall in, rocks or twigs and shallow water should do the trick. Don’t forget to keep it clean and topped up.

Helping Local Wildlife - Providing water

You never know who will show up for a free drink – image via ABC News Vince Evans


Every animal needs a home, many will use tree hollows and rock crevasses to lay down the welcome mat. Adding a few extra rocks and creating hollows around your home is an easy, effective and virtually maintenance free way to provide a safe nesting and home site. Thick growing shrubs can also be effective whilst also providing shade and wind and noise barriers.

Helping Local Wildlife - By understanding

1770 LARC! Tours Goolimbil Walkabout guests learn about the connectedness within Eurimbula National Park


Every day our team at 1770 LARC! Tours feel privileged to encounter all types of wildlife on tour. These such encounters can be the cherry on top of an already fantastic day. We are always looking for any way to assist and spread the word on supporting local wildlife. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other great suggestions.

No matter how big or small action you take, know that it makes a difference.

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