A Lesson In LARC! Lingo

A lesson in LARC! Lingo

Let’s talk LARC! language. It is a thing. A real thing. Manufactured by the LARCman and his LARCtastic crew over the nearly 25 years of LARCing around! 

This in-house language can only be experienced first hand on board one of our 4 tours. The rare and endemic language is spoken mostly by the skipper or tour guides on tour. The office girls are “learning to throw” a bit of LARC! lingo into the over desk conversations with our guests as well. 

LARC! job titles

We have even, over time, developed job description titles in LARC! lingo – serious! Of course we have the one and only LARCman – Neil Mergard (owner, operator of 1770 LARC! Tours) and then there’s Bretto our LARChanic – he specializes in LARCology (see dictionary below). 

The marketing department consists of our fearless marketing manager Amber and her assistant Tarni. When they are marketing together we refer to it as LARCeting. Amber is the LARCeting Manager and Tarni is a LARCette. 

LARCboy Asher, is “Neil’s son” and he has been undergoing constant training as our LARCboy for the eventual upgrade of status to becoming a fine LARCman!  At nine years old he is getting there, but still a student of LARCing around and he has a LARCtastic mentor in his dad, LARCman Neil, who will prepare him well for his future of LARCing.

A dictionary of LARC! lingo 

  • LARCtastic – adjective, LARC – tastic. 
    •  1. The most commonly used LARC! lingo word there is! Quite possibly the original LARC! lingo word that was created.  
    •  2. An expressive term of joy while having fun on 1770 LARC! Tours. 
  • LARCability –  adjective, LARC – ability.   
    • 1. The movability of the LARC! vessel.
    • 2. Commonly used when the LARC! is doing our famous Splashdown on the Afternoon Cruise.
  • LARCology –  adjective, LARC – ology.   
    •  1. the diagnosis of broken LARC! parts and the therefore fixing that has to happen to make the  LARC! go again.
    •  2. The sourcing of these said LARC! parts. 
  • LARCaholic – noun, LARC – aholic.   
    •  1. A guest who travels frequently on the LARC!     
    •  2. A card is given to all guests who travel. 
  • LARCalicious – adjective, LARC – alicious.   
    •  1. guests use this word to describe the catering offered on the tours.
    •  2. Commonly used when guests may even find the food catered for on tour to be LARCalicious!

LARCing around is all about fun!

We are a large and pink! army amphibian – Our LARCs are painted hot pink because LARCman Neil says it stands out and looks fabulous against the blue sky and yellow sand – How can we not have fun with what we do? LARCing around is all about having fun and enjoying the beautiful surrounds and most importantly sharing these experiences with our guests.  We’d love our guests to share their LARC! lingo too, so don’t be shy and share with our skippers and tour guides on tour!

Above you can see a pair of LARCaholics, Bretto LARChanic work shirt and the LARCability of the Afternoon Splashdown! And of course up front and center – LARCboy Asher 🙂

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