Spring has Sprung & It Is Beautiful!

Did you feel the Season change?

Spring has sprung and there is a certain fresh feel in the air at LARC! headquarters this month. Time for change. Time for a rearrange – create something new, spruce up and try something different! 

What changes are happening at LARC! headquarters?

We have expanded!! Office Manager Lee is searching far and wide for new and exciting merchandise for our larger new retail space. So far we have new Sea Shepherd stock locally made wares, canvas paintings, single use plastic bag free alternatives and boomerangs and didgeridoos from our local Indigenous Goolimbil Walkabout tour guide Ronnie. Pop into LARC! headquarters regularly and see the new products for yourself!




What is so different about this time of year?

The Humpback Whales are around the Town of 1770 and they love to hang out and show off their jumping skills all the way through the September school holidays. LARC! Tour Guide Sammy explains “this is an exciting time of year as we have many newcomers to Bustard Bay. I can sit back on my front deck at home and watch Humpbacks travel south, Red Capped Plovers have hatched their “runners” (baby chicks) for the season on Eurimbula beach and the migratory waders have returned from far far away places like Siberia and Mongolia and are now basking in 1770 in spring”.

Have you ever stood on the balcony of a remote lighthouse and gazed out to sea, only to be blessed with the sight of a Humpback Whale breaching? This is the highlight of being on our Paradise Tour in spring! You may even be lucky enough to see a calf with mum cruising south on you LARC! Paradise Tour!

The wildflowers on Bustard Headland will pop their beautiful bright yellow heads up through the green headland and red dirt background. The Paper Daisies (pictured) are a sign that spring has arrived. As LARCette Tarni says “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and these Paper Daisies are a great example of nature showing us the change in seasons.

The water temperature also starts to warm up again! This makes sandboarding into Jenny Lind Creek that little bit more inviting, so pack your togs, its swimming time again. And the days are now a little bit longer and warmer allowing more LARC! Afternoon Cruise fun.

What’s in store for the spring September school holidays

  1. Warm weather = super Sandboarding fun! 
  2. Longer days = Beautiful sunsets on our Afternoon Cruise!
  3. Humpback Whales on Paradise Tours!
  4.  Spring colours on Bustard Headland with a back drop of blue skies and clear blue ocean!




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