The Responsible Traveller

The Responsible Traveller

Have you ever considered the effects that your leisure time can have on your chosen destinations and environment? When planning your last trip did you calculate transportation carbon emissions, wastage from using single use products, the negative or positive impacts on the physical location that you are visiting?

It may seem a little confusing or even overwhelming at times but becoming a responsible traveller is not difficult. Here we have put together some tips that can easily be woven into your travel plans to help you travel for the better.

Visit Destinations in Need of Tourism

Considering recent disastrous events, this is our number one top tip.

Some holiday destinations are overwhelmed with travellers, for example hundreds of thousands of snow goers flock to Whistler, Canada every winter to hit the slopes. A large concentration of people like this can have a negative impact on the natural features, disturbances to wildlife, over pricing of accommodation and services.  All the while our own Australian ski destinations that have been recently affected by fires are screaming out for visitors. Take part in uplifting a community by visiting destinations that have experienced disaster. Spending money there ensures it goes into the pockets of those that need it. This can even be more effective than donating! Eat and drink local, visit the markets and add the feel-good factor into your experience.


Recent bushfires have impacted communities across Australia. But a shared Aussie spirit has also brought people together. Many Australians rely on tourism to thrive. That’s why we’re asking Aussies to get out and see this beautiful country and explore what’s on your doorstep.Take a drive up the coast, head inland, fly across this vast and beautiful land. It’s time to holiday here this year!

Look out for like-minded businesses

More and more tourism businesses such as restaurants, tour operators and accommodations are taking action to become more sustainable and eco minded. They have introduced solar power, installed water recycling, removed single use products, utilising biodegradable cleaning products, the list is endless. Luckily for us we can find suppliers committed to sustainable travel all in one place – the Eco Tourism Australia website. Here you will find a list of tourism business in Australia who are actively and continuously making these changes. Finding eco experiences has never been easier, the hard part is choosing between the many options.

Any business that displays this logo is EcoTourism Certified 

Transport options

It is no secret that CO2 emissions created by plane travel are huge and is one of the fastest growing contributors to climate change. There is no better time than now to be reminded that other forms of travelling can be just as enjoyable. With the introduction of electric cars, you can now feel good about taking a road trip. A great new government initiative has led to the creation of Queensland Electric Super Highway. This is a route from Cairns to just past Brisbane with electric charging stations at specific intervals, making this trip possible in one go for low or zero emission vehicles. Our closest charging point to 1770 LARC! Tours is at Miriam Vale, which is happens to be a GREAT stop for a crab sanga!

Stop into The Big Crab at Miriam Vale  for the best crab sandwich you’ll ever have!

With Australia being 7.692 million km2 sometimes driving can be too much. Why not remove yourself from the wheel and gain the freedom to eat, nap and take in the views by hopping on the train. Queensland Rail can get you where you want to be. You can also find yourself exclusive itineraries and packages that include accommodation, tours and travel.

Inside Spirit of Queensland – Train from Brisbane to Cairns


An easy way to play your part in sustainable travel is to review and change how you pack. Travelling light is an easy way to start. If everyone packed a little lighter, on a larger scale this would reduce the weight of your transport, equalling less fuel consumption. Take a look into your toiletry bag and see what you could change to make it eco-friendly. Swap out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. Try shampoo and conditioner bars, these are simple to use, last longer, take up less bag room and there is completely no risk of spillage. The same applies for soap bars instead of shower gels. Reduce plastic waste by avoiding miniature shampoos, shower gels and wrapped soap bars in your accommodation. Definitely pack a reusable water container and if you’re a coffee connoisseur and can’t go without, ensure you take a reusable coffee cup.

Sea Shepherd reusable water bottles and coffee cups are available at 1770 LARC! Tours office

Leave only footprints

Anyone who has travelled Australia has heard the saying ‘take only memories, leave only footprints’ or a similar version. Leading into 2020 let’s try to do more than this. Attempt to leave no trace, or leave the destination in better condition than you found it. It costs nothing to respect boundary signage, not feed animals, pick up rubbish and volunteer. Spread the word, lead by example and inspire others to do the same.


How much money you saved!

How much better your experience was!

How little you wasted!

How much you learnt!

Images of the beautiful locations visited!

Green Travel Leader

1770 LARC! Tours is proud to be an Eco Tourism Australia certified Tour operator for over 17 years and listed as one of Eco Tourism Australia’s Green Travel Leaders. We are conscious of our effects on the environment, actively introducing more sustainable initiatives when available and will continue to investigate ways in which we can make a difference. The trend has already started and now is the time for you to also be a part of it.



Header image courtesy of Doug Bazley

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