What to do when it rains in Agnes Water and 1770

What to do when it rains in Agnes Water and 1770

November through to April is typically Queensland’s wet season. Lucky for us in the Town of 1770 we don’t see the extremes like the Tropical North. But we don’t quite escape the warm downpours, increased humidity and unpredictable wind. So what do you do on a rainy day on the Town of 1770? Go LARCing of course and here’s why…

LARCs are made for it.

Designed to be as equally nimble on land as in water, these creative vehicles steal the stage in all types of weather and terrain.

Soft sand and mud? The LARCs wide tyres and 4wd capabilities make it easy work.

Surfs up? Believe it or not, just like the owner LARCman Neil, the LARC vessels aren’t shy of a wave!

Feels warm? The open sides on board the LARC! act as natural air conditioning.

Raining cats and dogs? Roof overhead and clear side walls protect all on board.

Strong wind? Weighing several tonnes and having a low centre of gravity LARCs are extremely stable on land and at sea and won’t let the wind push them around.

Wonderous Wildlife Encounters

There’s something about the rain that brings out our local wildlife. Casuarina trees open their seed pods which are much favoured by black cockatoos. We are more likely to spot the animals who would normally hide from the sun throughout the day, like roos and emus. And the local Humpback dolphins and rays make the most of the nutrient run off  into the mangroves exciting their favourite foods.

Our LARC Crew

Local, talented, informative and entertaining, our team love the Agnes & 1770 lifestyle and all that surrounds it. Our crew share the history of the area, information on the wildlife and provide all the enthusiasm you need to enjoy a day during the wet season.


Every 1770 LARC! Tour is all-weather operating.

To ensure you get the most from your day, we have a few tips.

  • Check local forecasts before departing on tour. If there is a possibility of rain it is recommended to bring a spray jacket.
  • If you are joining us for a tour that includes walking,  like our LARC+Lunch or our Paradise Tour, feel free to bring along an umbrella.
  • When boarding the LARC! consider where you choose to sit, side seats have a great view, whilst centre seating may be a drier option.
  • Don’t forget your swimwear on the longer tours, even if the sun is hiding the water temperature can exceed the air temperature and feel like a bath tub.
  • Considering all of the above, we believe it most important thin is to bring along a smile.

For 25 years 1770 LARC! Tours has been providing enjoyment for travelers both nationally and internationally, uniquely sharing the charm of our location. Don’t let the weather dictate your activities, let’s weather the weather together.







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