LARC’s Best Moments

LARC’s Best Moments

Before embarking on a tour, you always want to know what to expect. You’ll have a list of questions; what will we see? will I get wet? where do we stop? what should I bring? is this for me? And although our friendly LARCettes in the office will have an answer to every question, you will find that LARCland is always full of surprises.

Our tours operate in and around the natural and untamed Eurimbula National Park . Some of our LARC’s best moments are completely unplanned, others a daily occurrence. Let us share some of our favourites.

The everyday LARC! Best Moment

You’ve done your homework. You’ve seen the pictures of our hot pink amphibious vessels and the map of where we travel. At several points during the day you are aware that the very machine you are currently sitting in will be going from the land and into the water. Still every day, no one is truly prepared for this transition.

The LARC! departs from outside our office on four very large, but normal looking wheels. As it drives down a small stretch of road everyone is smiling; this is normal. Then the LARC! heads down a small driveway towards the water’s edge and suddenly the dynamic changes.  The smiles change to faces of curiosity. Some people squeeze their eyes shut questioning their decisions, others keep their gaze on the skipper hoping he is just having a laugh and will stop before reaching the water.

But why? Because no one has complete trust that this purpose built LARC! will float. This experience is such an unnatural feeling, driving from land straight into the water and until you hear the splash, the propeller kick in and un-squeeze those eyes to see for yourself, you just won’t believe it.  This great and unique feeling going from land to water is one you won’t forget making this our number one best moment every day! 

The unplanned LARC! Best Moment

The LARC! has crossed two creeks now and you are quite settled into your seat, your imagination is up in the clouds whilst listening to the tales from our entertaining guide. Suddenly the LARC! slows down and stops sharp. Several thoughts run through your head – oh no! What’s happening! Always something goes wrong when I travel! Why me! Did I turn off the oven? WHAT IS GOING ON!

Unbeknown to you and the majority of other travelers on board the LARC! you have decided to take your tour during turtle hatching season. Our keen-eyed skipper has pulled up the LARC! directly in front of a nest of Loggerhead turtles that is erupting from the sand. A hold is put on the days schedule.  Your guide drops the stairs and leads you over to observe these cookie sized, energetic, adorable reptiles waddling their way at an unbelievable speed towards the water.

This once in a lifetime experience is not one that can be planned and words cannot truly describe what it feels like to witness this act of nature, making it one of our top unplanned LARC! best moments.

The planned LARC! best moment

The Bustard Head Lighthouse is just over 150 years old and is the only Lighthouse in Queensland that has permission to run guided tours right to the top. The location is very secluded and the tales and mysteries that accompany it are surreal.  As you climb the twisting iron staircase that wraps itself around the inside walls you can almost feel the history. One could assume that nothing could add to this special place, but at the end of last year a young man set out to do just that!

It was a superb clear November day and the guests onboard our Paradise Tour had just arrived at the Bustard Head Lightstation. After being introduced to the light-keepers the group split into two. One group is led to the light-keeper’s house, repurposed as a bountiful museum and we follow the other smaller group for an intimate meander through the heart of the lighthouse.

Counting the steps 1, 2, 3…………… 58, we are greeted at the top by an unlit crystal looking glass light, spreading sunshine in rainbows against the interior white walls of the tower. To the right of the last step is an open iron door and once past the threshold you are exposed to one of the best 360 degree views you’ll ever see. On this spectacular day, right at that very point facing towards an endless horizon, one young gentleman dropped to a knee and surprised his now fiancé with one of the most spectacular, tear jerking proposals we have ever had the privilege of witnessing. Adding to the magical history of the Bustard Head Lighthouse this proposal has won number one spot for planned LARC! best moment.

Your LARC! best moment

Some LARC! moments are best served in real life, with too many to list and so many more to create. If you have any LARC best moments you would like to share and add to the list please let us know in the comments below.

Our inspiration for LARC’s best moments has come from Queensland National Parks. To help visitors get the most from their National Park experiences they have created a new information page. Here you will find handy tips, tour advice and secret locations in Queensland, encouraging everyone to share their own ‘life’s best moments’ made within these areas.


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